Anglecell LD-1500 Robotic Welding Cell


Solution recommended for starting the robotic welding process in the company

Sumig's ANGLECELL PD-1000 cell is one of the top deals for companies that are entering into robotic welding or want to gain productivity during the welding process. A mechanically robust system with two 45º angle workstations indicated for the manufaturing area of: motorcycle parts, agriculture, furniture, and others

Discover Sumig ConnectPRO technology 

We are pioneers in the development of welding solutions for the Industry 4.0. In 2014, we presented our first welding cell embeded with Industry 4.0 technology. Through intense work on the evolution of technology, we presented the ConectPRO concept in 2021, embeding intelligence to all our robotic cell models.
Through Sumig ConectPRO technology, the manufacturing manager has access to important information about the welding process. In addition, new components can be added later on, such as extra sensors, barcode reader, scale, manipulation robots, among other peripherals and resources, expanding the production capacity.

• Connection and cooperation of the entire integrated system on a high speed basis;
• Industry 4.0 Ready - Uses universal data communication language, providing seamless machine-to-machine connection;
• Monitoring and controlling back-to-end the welding process;
• Remote access and management of information anywhere in the world;
• Rapid expansion and customization of peripherals and devices to increase production capacity;
• Customized information management;
• Technical team remote access availability for faster equipment support and maintenance.

Main Features

- Developed with Sumig ConectPRO technology, to be integrated with industry 4.0;
- Single base facilitating displacement if needed;
- Frontal parts feeding reducing operators displacement;
- Metalic windows that protect each workstation individually;
- Recommended for starting the robotic welding process in the company;
- Suitable for small to medium-sized parts;
- Highly versatile;
- Security system with automatic operating doors;
- Quick tooling exchange system;
- Safety controller for cell and robot.

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