Robotic Welding

Anglecell PD-1000 Robotic Welding Cell


Entry level robotic welding cell.

Parts with a maximum dimension of 750x1000 mm

ANGLECELL PD-1000 is the ideal cell for those looking for greater performance in welding combined with medium investment. The cell is equipped with robot safety sensors, power and maintenance port. The ANGLECELL PD-1000 robotic welding system offers the best cost-benefit on the market.

Designed for welding medium-sized parts, it provides increased productivity with ease and speed, as the components are of high quality in every cell; as well as easy integration with any robot brand and source.

Main Features
- Entry level robotic welding cell;
- Suitable for parts with a maximum dimension of 750x1000 mm;
- Highly versatile;
- Security system with automatic operation doors;
- Quick device exchange system;
- Safety controller for cell and robot.

Dimension: W 4080 x D 2600 x H 2200 mm
Maximum Load Capacity on the table: 1000 kg
Table Dimension: 750x1000 mm

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Caracteristicas Tecnicas

Air Requirements/Flow Rate 8,8 l/s
Cell Dimensions 2500 x 4930 x 2120mm
Dimensions 9,8m²
Input Voltage/Current 380V
Maximum cell power requiriments 63A
Maximum cell power requiriments 16A
Maximum table load capacity 1000 kg
Power requirement 26 kVA
Pressure 6 BAR
Tabletop dimensions until 1500mm
Weight 3000 kg

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