Welding Curtain Strips


Available in rolls
of 20cm x 50m
thickness: 2,00 mm

Ideal to be applied  where physical, thermal and acoustic isolation is needed. Provide protection from nocive rays which occur during the welding by the electric arc, protecting also the external environment from spatters.


• Protection from ultraviolet rays (UV); 

• Follow the standards DIN EN 1598:2002;

• Totally customizable;

• Provide a light acoustic isolation;

• Easy maintenance and cleaning.

• thickness: 2,00mm.


Codes for order:

15.003.054 - Green Welding Curtain of 0,20cm x 20m

15.003.055 - Red Welding Curtain of 0,20cm x 20m

15.003.052 - Rails of 1 m for curtains 

15.003.053 - Set for fixing the welding curtain    

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