Welding Machines

Falcon 502 Multi-process Welding Machine

Code: 1920.3004 (220V) - 1920.3005 (380V)

MIG/MAG Inverter Equipment with External Wire Feeder for Welding of Carbon, Stainless, Aluminum, Tubular Wires and other alloys.

- Duty Cycle: 500A - 60% / 387A - 100%
- Wires: 0,80mm to 1,60mm
- Medium and heavy services
- Power supply: 220V or 380V three-phase


- Welding machine made with inverter technology for welding with MMA (Coated Electrodes), TIG DC with Lift Arc and MIG-MAG;
- In the MIG-MAG processes, it has the Crater function, which effects the treatment of cord ends, avoiding discontinuities, faults or cracks when finalizing the welds of greater responsibility;

- Low spatter level and smooth arc opening;
- Digital ammeter / Voltmeter incorporated into the panel;
- Protection for overheating, overcurrent and voltage drop;
- Continuous current adjustment (A), voltage (V) and electronic inductance;
- Reduced Source weight;
- Great response and arc balance in welding of carbon steel with use of CO2 and tubular wires;
- Meets IEC 60974-1.


- MMA, MIG / MAG and TIG DC processes
- 2/4 times
- Thermostat Protection
- 04 traction roller
- Crater Current
- Inverter (energy saving)
- Digital Ammeter
- Medium and heavy services

Caracteristicas Tecnicas

4 Traction Rollers  
Active PFC System  
Casters for Displacement  
Conventional Feeder Option  
Crater Control  
Degree of Protection (IP)  
Duty Cycle (Amperage -%)  
Earth Cable  
Electrode Holder Cable Included  
Execute Welding MIG/MAG Process Manual Adjustment  
Extension Source Feeder Included  
Feeder Dimensions (L x W x D)  
Feeder Weight  
Intelligent Gas Control (IGC)  
Inversor (Energy Saving)  
Kind of Service  
Length of Extension Power Supply Included  
MIG / MAG Welding Basic Synergic - Wire and Voltage  
Multi-Voltage Automatic  
Optional Base Trolley  
Possibility to sell only the Source  
Power Factor  
Power Supply Voltage  
Recommended for Gouging Process  
Recommended Wire (Carbon Steel)  
Regulating Current in MIG / MAG (Amperes)  
Resource Torch MIG/MAG 2T and 4T  
Rollers Included  
Source Dimensions (W x H x D)  
Source Weight  
Support - Cylinders Support Base  
Synergic Feeder Option - Pulsed  
TIG Welding DC Current Without High Frequency (HF)  
Voltmeter and Digital Ammeter in the Feeder  
Voltmeter and Digital Ammeter in the Source  
Welding MMA (Coated Electrode)  

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