Sumig 360 - Preventive Maintenance - Robotic Welding Cells


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Focused on being a pioneer in its area of operation, Sumig constantly seeks as a goal to offer complete solutions for the market. Sumig has developed a special program for its customers called Sumig 360, developed for better efficiency and performance of its products. This program has a dedicated and specialized team focused on the good service and satisfaction of customers, offering a range of specialized services for every need in the market.

In the scope of quality management, a preventive action is the one that aims to keep the equipment under normal operating conditions, in order to reduce the chances of defects occurence due to wear or premature aging of its components.

Compact Maintenance 
The Compact preventive maintenance modality aims at the technical lubrication of the robot and revision of the TCP (Toll Center Point).
20 items 

Standard Maintenance
The Standard modality includes, besides the technical lubrication of the robot, the revision of items that suffer a high work requirement minimizing the possible wear of the equipment.
67 items

Premium Maintenance
Represents the widest range of control to achieve better equipment performance. This preventive maintenance modality includes  equesto f  of enclosure, welding source, refrigerator, cleaning unit, IHM, controller.
86 items

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