Sumig 360 – Preventive Maintenance – Welding Machines


Sumig has the complete solution for your business.

Focused on being a pioneer in its  equ of operation, Sumig constantly seeks as a goal to offer complete solutions for the  eques. Sumig has developed a special program for its customers called Sumig 360, developed for better efficiency and performance of its products. This program has a dedicated and specialized team focused on the good  equesto and satisfaction of customers, offering a range of specialized services for every need in the  eques.
The ideal solution for the perfect performance of your equipment

In order to keep your machinery up-to-date, Sumig offers the best preventive maintenance plans and highly qualified technicians with extensive experience in welding and cutting equipment that provide more reliability and agility to  equesto.

- Priority attendance in the  equesto equipment failure or shutdown;
- Special discounts on the purchase of specific parts;
- Discount on labor for additional preventive or for machines that are not in the contract;
- Manpower discount for the  equesto f corrective maintenance;
- Extended warranty for the contractor in the purchase of new equipment;
- Technical/operational training at no additional cost.

Why to Acquire?
- You only care about your business, leaving maintenance of your welding and cutting equipment with us.
- It avoids expenses with the own maintenance structure (parts, labor, tools ...).
- Regular maintenance done within your company, without the need to move the equipment.
- Better control and total productive availability of equipment;
- Reduced maintenance costs.

- Preferential Service
- Single Parts Exchange included
- Gages and dynamic tests
- Complete equipment inspections
- Special discounts on parts and corrective repairs
- Complete periodic cleaning

All equipment with contracted plans will be identified with a preventive seal and date for better management and traceability

Guaranteed equipment

Our Plans:
- Simple review of external components
- Review of the torch and its consumables
- Simple External Parts Exchange
- Internal surface inspection
- Internal and external cleaning (compressed air application)
- Static tests
- Dynamic tests of all available resources (in welding)
- Inspection of the traction system
- Internal Review I
- Internal Review II
- Metering of measuring instruments
- Disassembly and internal washing
- Software update
- Security Inspection
- Thermographic analysis
- Source Repair

General conditions:

1) By contract of maintenance services;
2) We will make a dedicated proposal for each client according to their demands and needs;
3) Check the price of our hiring plans;
4) Included spare parts will be specified in the contract, other parts will be quoted for approval of the customer;
5) Term of contract to be established in the proposal;
6) Attendance by qualified, trained and qualified professionals, full responsibility of SUMIG;


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