Sumig 360 - Programming and Parameterization


Sumig has the complete solution for your business.

Focused on being a pioneer in its area of operation, Sumig constantly seeks as a goal to offer complete solutions for the market. Sumig has developed a special program for its customers called Sumig 360, developed for better efficiency and performance of its products. This program has a dedicated and specialized team focused on the good service and satisfaction of customers, offering a range of specialized services for every need in the market.

Programming and Parameterization

Sumig offers the programming and parameterization service for robotic welding. This involves the identification of a complete set of effective coordinates or degree of freedom of the system, process, or model.
The purpose of this service is to provide the contracting company with more agility and economy. In this way, the requestor reduces the bureaucratic system eliminating the need to have a specific technician for small services, or to program and regulate the parameters of the robot. In this way, Sumig reaffirms its commitment to offer the complete solution for welding and cutting.

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