Sumig 360 - Training - Robotic Welding Cells


Sumig has the complete solution for your business.

Focused on being a pioneer in the area of operation, Sumig seeks to offer complete solutions for the market. Sumig has developed a special program for its customers, the Sumig 360, designed for better efficiency and performance of its products. This program has a dedicated and specialized team focused on the good service and satisfaction of our customers, offering a range of specialized services for every need in the market.


A well-trained team is vital for the equipment to function properly and with all the desired performance. To this end, Sumig 360 offers training aimed at sharing information and knowledge relevant to the products and processes involved throughout production.

Robotic Welding (32H)
- MIG/MAG Welding Process;
- Welding Robot Programming;
- Welding Robot Operation

Advanced Robotic Welding (32H)
- Touch, Arc
- Variables
- Synchro Motion

Offline Programming
- Introduction
- Basic commands
- Exercises
- Practical Tests

Plasma Cutting (32H)
- Cutting processes;
- Parameters adjustments;
- Consumables care, change and handling;

Plasma Cutting Systems Maintenance (32H)

- Common Errors
- Cares with the equipment;
- Technical conference of the Cartesian plan

Lantek Programming (32H)
- Introduction;
- Technology Tabels;
- Practical Tests

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