Welding Torches

SU 930 MIG/MAG Torch

Code: 0500.8011

For Mechanization / Automation

Gas/Duty Cycle
CO² - 360A/60%
Argon and Mixtures - 330A/60%
0,80mm to 1,60mm

Technical Data:
Easy adaptation to mechanisation
Unique compact body with electric and thermal insulation

Mechanisation in general
Light and heavy duties
Duties with solid, tubular, aluminium and stainless wires

Gas/Duty Cycle:
CO² - 360A/60 Argon and Mixtures - 330A/60

0,80mm to 1,60mm

Net Weight(Kg): 3,700 (with torch cable of 3,00m)


Caracteristicas Tecnicas

Allowed Wires (mm) 0,8 a 1,6
Allows Automation / Mechanization
Argon and Mixes Amps (60% Duty Cycle) 330A
CO² Amperage (60% Duty Cycle) 360A
Kind of Work Médio
Welds Carbon Steel, Aluminum and Stainless Steel
Welds with Tubular Wire (with gas)

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