SU 9 TIG Torch

Code: 0600.3002

Gas/Duty Cycle:
Argon - 140A/60% 100A/100%

Technical Data:
Three models of torch body
Tinned conductor

Light duties

Gas/Duty Cycle:
Argon - 140A/60 - 100A/100

Seeming Weight(Kg): 0,330
Net Weight(Kg): 1,800 (with torch cable of 3,40m)

Caracteristicas Tecnicas

AC Amperage (AC Current) 130A
Air Cooled
Allowed Electrodes (mm) 1,0 a 3,17
Allows Automation / Mechanization
DC Amperage (DC Current) 110A
Flexible Body Option
Kind of Work Leve
Manual Welding
Straight Body Option
Trigger Drive Option
Valve Drive Option (Valve)
Welding in Places of Difficult Access
Welds Carbon Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Brass

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