Sumig Educational Line is now Sumig Lab

This solution is appropriate for companies and educational institutions aiming to invest in welding trainings


Sumig’s product line for educational laboratories has been updated and now is called Sumig Lab. This innovation shows to the market that Sumig offers this type of solution not only for educational institutions, but also for companies looking to have a specific area for trainings or even a welding department model.

This change from Sumig is not just about positioning: the educational line, which started to be created in 2016, now has a new robotic welding laboratory model. The range of options has been boosted to meet further market needs.

At Sumig Lab, the customer has the complete solution to set up a welding laboratory. The products that are part of this line are: machines, torches, accessories, fume extraction equipment, welding benches and a huge variety of robotic welding cells. Different options of product sets with special prices are offered to facilitate the acquisition by the customers.

Sumig is responsible for the equipment installation and the pipe assembly for fume extraction. Therefore, all stages of the project are done by Sumig, which dispenses the need for other products or services of third parties.


Educational labs generate more productivity for companies

Increasingly frequent practice in the market, the entry of educational laboratories in companies usually generate significant benefits in the areas of quality and productivity. With a place specifically designed for employee training, there is greater ease of learning and shortening teaching time.

In these laboratories, it is possible to leave all the necessary materials ready for training, besides the samples and simulations of several possible situations during welding. The student can also try different equipment in this place, without the need to change settings and without the risk of damaging any machine that is part of the manufacturing process. In addition, companies will no longer need to send their professionals to conduct training in third parties and may improve the techniques of welders using products and situations that are part of the company's routine.

It is common knowledge that many companies invest heavily in trainings and do not have the expected return, since institutions do not always teach the specific procedures of a given function. When the company has its own laboratories, this problem no longer exists.

Another advantage of Sumig Lab is the space for testing new products and process improvements. With an appropriate place for these activities, professionals become more capable and the quality of manufacturing is improved.


by Diego Susin | Marketing Manager

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