Delfoi Software: Robotic welding offline programming

Sumig is the official distributor of the technology with easy and intuitive use


Reference in robotic welding offline programming, Delfoi software has been on the market since 2012. Sumig, a company from Caxias do Sul, specialized in welding and cutting solutions, is the official distributor of this technology.

The Delfoi software allows programming and parameterizing all the robotic welding processes through a computer. All use is made easily and intuitively. Delfoi is recommended especially for companies of the metalworking sector with programming time or high application portfolio.

With this software, the programming time usually shrinks to one tenth of the downtime that would normally be required for an online robot programming. For these and other reasons, Delfoi has gained all the comparison tests since it had been launched, in the arc welding category, by measuring programming speed and ease of use.

Among the benefits of this software, there is also the automatic creation of welding in sharp edges. Another relevant difference is that, in the interactive 3D environment, the robot can be kept on the production line while the next task is being scheduled. All of these advantages lead to increased productivity and improved operational efficiency.


Interested parties may request a demonstration of the software

Companies interested in learning more about Delfoi software can contact Sumig sales team. You can request an online quote on the program page. Sumig also offers the possibility of a software demonstration for the interested companies.

Operating since 1980, Sumig has a wide range of welding and cutting solutions. Equipment, torches, consumables, accessories, systems for fume extraction, cutting systems and robotic cells are some of the main options offered by the company. All Sumig products always seek to associate technology and resources that generate significant cost reduction, as well as increased productivity.


by Dyonis Henrique Bernardi | Robotic Technician 

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