Robotic Welding

i-Revocell PD-1500V Intellimig Robotic Welding Cell


The Intellimig Cell line uses the Sumig Intelligent Interface "NEURON-S" for complete robotic welding management.

Parts with a maximum dimension of 1500x750 mm
Nº of Tables: 1 with two faces

The Revocell PD-1500V  Cell of the Intelligent Line has NEURON-S, the SUMIG robotic intelligent interface with two workstations, using a robot and source from the same manufacturer for perfect welding communication and timing. The cell was developed to have an optimized work area with a quick device change system and prepared for the fume extraction system and centralized cleaning unit.

The Revocell PD-1500V  model also has an intelligent system and provides resources for monitoring the welding arc and quickly managing process failures with alerts to the user about preventive maintenance. The built-in Logic Controller with safety functions is TUV certified and safety sensors for robot and power/safety door.


- Equipped with an intelligent cell management system;
- Enables connection to the Intellimig Portal;
- Allows use with fume extraction system;
- Visual color alerts that indicate the status of the cell.
- Suitable for parts with a maximum dimension of 1500x750 mm;
- Optimized robot working area;
- Reduced dimensions to occupy a smaller manufacturing area;
- Allows use of fixed or rotating table;
- Quick device exchange system;
- Single base for easy installation and movement;
- Uses high quality components that provide low maintenance index;
- Provides resources for monitoring the welding arc;
- Equipped with Welbee welding sources that use the exclusive ASIC welding processor, the fastest in the world;
- Uses robot and source from the same manufacturer for perfect communication and timing.


Operator's Health and Environment Friendly Cell


The most intelligent and efficient solution for the extraction and filtering applications of welding fumes and thermal cutting.

Sumig NEURON-S Intelligence Center

The Sumig Intelligence Center concentrates the command and management of all the cell's resources.
- Management of the production process: through the Neuron-S system you can manage users, resources, records and track results, status and parameters of the production process.
- Ease of operation: friendly and intuitive interface, with simple and logical resources.
- Better ergonomics and safety: totally compliant with safety standards. 
- Agility in the exchange of parts: larger doors that facilitate the access of parts by hoists, winches and overhead cranes.
- Eco friendly: ecological cell, fully prepared to operate integrated to a welding fume extraction system.

Intuitive Touch Panel


The control panel provides system control, diagnostics and programmability in a central location.

- Friendly and intuitive programming, reducing operator training time;
- Color visual alerts that indicate the cell status;
- Alert the user about the date of the next preventive maintenance;
- Rapid management of process failures;
- Security systems integrated to the cell;

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Connection with Intellimig Portal


The equipment allows to connect with the Intellimig Portal:

The Intellimig Portal is a web platform that can be accessed by any device connected to the internet. It is possible to access all the information related to the welding process in real time.

Remote Management: Allows you to manage factory, sectors, equipment and welders through internet access.

Registration and Control: Monitoring the efficiency and productivity of each welder or equipment.

Performance and Cost Reports: The system provides a number of reports, such as open arc time, process failures, and data on the actual cost of each weld.

Traceability: It is possible to identify the weld history (operator identity and parameters used) through scientific graphics.

The information is stored on a fully secure and reliable server.

Caracteristicas Tecnicas

Air Requirements/Flow Rate 8,8 l/s
Cell Dimensions 3000 x 5000 x 2500mm
Dimensions 15m²
Input Voltage/Current 220V a 460V
Maximum cell power requiriments 63A
Maximum cell power requiriments 16A
Maximum table load capacity 1000 kg
Power requirement 26 kVA
Pressure 6 BAR
Tabletop dimensions until 1500mm
Weight 3500 kg

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