SU 595 MIG/MAG Torch

Code: 05.006.153

Gas: CO ²
Current: 430A
Duty cycle: 60%

Gas: Argon and mixtures
Current: 380A
Duty cycle: 60%
Wire: 1.00 to 1.60 mm

Round Shaped Handle
Swivel bracket and front spring that allow greater flexibility
Long Compact Body, Impact Resistant with Thermal and Electrical Insulation
Resistant / Compact

Calderarias Light and Heavy;
Industries in General;
Working with Solid Wires;
Aluminum and Stainless Steel.

Gas - Chains (A) / Work Cycle (%):
CO2 - 435A / 60% -
Argon and Mixes - 380A / 60%

Wires (mm):
1,00mm to 1,60mm


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