Welding Machines

Autotrack 60 Mechanization Machine

Code: 1900.7041

Portable Magnetic Machine for MIG / MAG Welding Mechanization

- Desplacement speed: 50 to 15000 mm / min
- Power supply: 220V single-phase


- Mechanize the processes of welding in a simplified and effective way;
- Provides improvement in production quality and production times;
- Applies to all the industries of the metallurgical segment, such as shipyards, road implements, railroad, among others.


- Lightweight and compact machine;
- Multiple welding positions: horizontal and vertical;
- Easy installation and operation;
- Provides stable welding even under high loads;
- Does not require rails;
- Allows welding of angles and corner joints without rail;
- Permanent magnet;
- Magnetism requires no use of electricity, keeping the equipment always fixed and safe in any position.


- Portable
- Easy maintenance
- Electronic regulation
- Magnetic

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