Cutting Systems

CNC Plasma Cutting Table Precision Series


High precision cutting for materials ferrous and non-ferrous


CNC plasma cutting table Precision Series has easy identification and troubleshooting, due to the intuitive menu, allowing remote maintenance for the CNC system with flow digital automatic control that facilitates the use and provides increase in the consistency of the cut.

The Precision Series offers a surface ready for welding and has been developed to provide high cutting precision, excellent finish and little index of rework, because it has communication via fiber optics and other process adjustments.

- Excellent cut, free of slag, using oxygen plasma in carbon steel;
- Cutting quality incomparable in non-ferrous materials using water flow;
- Security system by light curtains;
- Use source of specific plasma with high precision.

- Security System Light curtain;
- Source Ultra-Cut Series;
- CNC system specific to high precision

Optional Components
- Software Lantek

Caracteristicas Tecnicas

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