Offline Programming for Welding Robots


Offline Programming for Robotic Welding

Sumig is the official distributor of the Delfoi software for offline programming of robotic welding. The customer can choose between purchasing the software for use in his company or contracting Sumig's programming service without the need to purchase the software.

It is the number one solution in the world in offline programming allowing to program and parameterize the entire robotic welding process through a computer, in an easy and intuitive way.

DELFOI ARC 4.0 is an offline programming program based on features and parameters, so program generation is fast and efficient. In the arc welding category it has gained all benchmarks by measuring programming speed and ease of use since its launch in 2012.
More than 300 companies employ the Delfoi for arc welding application, including Caterpillar, CNH Industrial, John Deere Forestry, Ponsse, and Volvo Construction Equipment.

- In this interactive 3D environment, the robot can be kept on the production line while the next task is being scheduled;
- Versatile calibration tools using a welding robot as a measuring device to ensure extreme precision programming of modeled cells;
- Automatic creation of welding in sharp corners;
- Programming time usually shrinks to one tenth of the downtime that would normally be required for an online robot programming per teaching

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