Robotic Welding

Frontcell PS-1700 Robotic Welding Cell


System offers the best cost benefit ratio.

System offers the best cost benefit ratio. Designed for welding of medium size parts and where shop space maybe an issue. Increase your productivity easily and quickly, allowing an easy integration with any robot brand and welding inverter.

- Quick installation and ready to weld;
- Fully mounted on common base, easy to move and change layouts;
- Fixed table or Optional Ad-On Turntable;
- Small Footprint

Standard Components:
- 6 axis
- 400 Amp Inverter
- 400 Amp Air Cooled Torch with Safety Clutch

- Torch Cleaner and Wire Cutter Unit;
- Tooling;
- Turn Table

Another Options

Caracteristicas Tecnicas

Air Requirements/Flow Rate 0,28 l/s
Cell Dimensions 2000 x 2200 x 2120mm
Dimensions 4,4m²
Input Voltage/Current 220V a 460V
Maximum cell power requiriments 50A
Maximum cell power requiriments 16A
Maximum table load capacity 1000 kg
Power requirement 26 kVA
Pressure 6 BAR
Tabletop dimensions until 1700mm
Weight 875 Kg

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