Revocell LD-3000H Robotic Welding Cell


Developed for the most diverse applications in the metal-mechanic segment.

REVOCELL LD-3000H was designed for high productivity, using a robot and power source from the same manufacturer for perfect welding timing and communication.

It also has 01 (one) access and 02 (two) work stations, an optimized footprint with a single supply point to occupy a smaller factory area, in addition to having a monitored maintenance door.

Developed to meet all types of robotic welding applications focusing on practicality and best cost x benefit.


- Modular work base for welding;

- Single supply point to occupy a smaller manufacturing area;

- Security sensors for robot, power port and maintenance;

- Quick device switching system

Main Features:

- Workstation dimensions: 3000 X 750
- 2 stations with vertical rotation;
- Front loading and unloading;
- Suitable for large size pieces;

Watch the video of this product:

Caracteristicas Tecnicas

Air Requirements/Flow Rate 8,8 l/s
Cell Dimensions 4500 x 6160 x 2120mm
Dimensions 27,7m²
Input Voltage/Current 380V
Maximum cell power requiriments 63A
Maximum cell power requiriments 16A
Maximum table load capacity 1000 kg
Power requirement 26 kVA
Pressure 6 BAR
Tabletop dimensions until 3000mm
Weight 6500 kg

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