Fumes Extraction

The extraction and fitering unit AIRCOMPACT is compound by filtering elements in cylindrical shape, which optimze the filtering surface  in square meters, facilitating the cleaning of compressed air system. CORAL filters can be used with success for treatment of fume and dust, in mechanical, chemical and pharmaceutical industry.
Fumes enter in the filter funnel and by and high drop in the pre-explosion rate and shock, particles of higher granulometry fall in the collection bin. The thinnest particles and free rise up through the body, where are the filter cartridges; the contaminated air follow through these cartridges since the exterior part to the interior, so that the dust is keeped in the exterior, while the purified air rises up and go outside, the progressive deposit of dust makes periodical  cleaning of cartridges, the compressed air jet allows opposite cleaning assuring that each cartridge is always in perfect use. This jet is denominated in Italian “onda d’urto”(shock wave), naturally favouring the opposite cleaning process, which is made by air jets, by solenoid valves and membrans, controlled by a cyclical programmer which determines stops of time and work. This enables keeping maximum efficiency of filters, that subsequently whether in polyester can be washed.

- Automatic cleaning system of cartridges through compressed air jets, assuring the cartridges are always working in the best conditions;
- Solenoid valve of two end normally closed, electronically activated which supports maximum pression of 7 bar.
- Cyclical programmer is an instrument installed to the equipment keeping cyclical programming of compressed air jets, is developed in a box with transparent cover for preview the data and it can be programmed according to the client`s application request;
- Frontal door to facilitate the maintenance;
- Modular construction allows the incorporation of additional modules to increase discharge;
- Construction in galvanized steel plates, ideal for external places.

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