Robotic Welding

SC5 Torch Cleaning Station

Code: 90.012.001

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Techical Data:
SC5 torch cleaning station provides automatic spatter removal and effective cleaning for robotic MIG torches. 

SC5 clamps the torch nozzle firmly, reams, and spray in under 4 sec. During the operation, robot moves welding torch into position for cleaning and the reamer begins cleaning the spatters. Once spatters are removed, anti-spatter is pulverized directly into the nozzle.

Pneumatic Wire Cutter is an optional accesory and can be order to realize the wire cutting in the right amount.

Cleaning and spatter removal, realized frequently, avoid porosity in the welding and unblock gas flow. It results in a process totally efficient, optimizing robot working time. A limpeza com remoção de respingos, realizada com freqüência, previne a existência de porosidade na solda e desobstrui o fluxo do gás. Isso resulta em total eficiência no processo, otimizando o tempo de trabalho do robô. 

SC5 minimizes intervention and avoid damages in the torch, assuring welding quality and longtime for consumables.

Technical Data:

Motor Pneumatic
Control 24V - DC
Compressed Air 6 bar, 87 psi
Air Consumption 7 liters/second
Cleaning Time 3-5 sec.

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