Welding fumes extraction: why is this issue so important?

From steams and gases, welding fumes present serious risks to health


During welding activities in the industries, chemical agents can be released into the work environment. These components present serious risks to the workers’ health. According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), welding fumes are classified as possibly carcinogenic in humans.

The risk appears during the welding operation. The fume comes from steams and gases that are released during the melting.  These gases cool, condense and, when contacting the oxygen, oxidize and result into the welding fume. Lead, nickel and carbon monoxide are some of these chemical agents.

In addition to lung and liver cancer, diseases such as asthma, heart attack and skin problems can be a consequence of inhalation and contact with the welding fumes.


How to avoid the release of welding fumes?

Workstations with welding activities must have a local exhaust ventilation system. This equipment shall prevent the welding fumes produced by the welding operations from reaching the worker's respiratory area. The system should also remove the aspirated fumes out of the building.

It is important to note that the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) does not replace or eliminate the need for installation of a local exhaust ventilation system. The use of PPE is admissible only when it is proven the technical impossibility of adopting collective protection measures or when they are not enough or are being studied, planned or during implementation stage, or as a complement or emergency.


Sumig offers fume extraction equipment lines

Sumig, a company specialized in welding and cutting solutions since 1980, has a specific line of fume extraction equipment.

This product line from Sumig includes both robotic and manual welding. There are options of equipment for companies that require large amounts of suction points, but also for businesses that have few welding fumes catchment points.

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by Davi Fagundes | Product Technician 

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