What you need to know about choosing the ideal plasma cutting system

Product has a huge importance that affects directly the manufacturing performance


The plasma cutting system is one of the factors that can affect the manufacturing performance, besides providing competitive advantage for the company in certain segments of the industry. For this reason, choosing the ideal solutions within this topic is essential to achieve a good level of competitiveness in the market.

Four aspects need to be evaluated when deciding the best plasma cutting system: cutting quality, production level, low maintenance and after sales service. The last factor has an extreme importance, since there is no reason in having a quality product if the supplier does not offer proper services, so that the equipment achieves the best possible performance.

Another guideline to choose an ideal plasma cutting is knowing well your manufacturing process, analyzing especially the relation "quality X quantity". Carefully evaluating the parts finishing and their application is also fundamental. Factors such as thickness of the material, type of material to be cut, desired cutting quality, equipment structure and cut area dimensions need to be raised at that time. With this information available, deciding the best equipment for the process becomes easier.

When a plasma cutting system is not appropriate for the application, losses as low production, excessive rework and loss of quality can be noticed. For this reason, it is essential to choose a credible supplier in the market, which offers a low maintenance index of the product. After-sales technical assistance should also be a priority when purchasing, so the company will not have problems correcting failures or questions about the equipment.


Sumig offers the best options of the market

Anyone looking for solutions involving plasma cutting systems will surely find some appropriate alternative at Sumig. The company has been in the market since 1980 and always chooses to know the customer's real needs first.

After studying the application, knowing the manufacturing process and analyzing the production volume and cut quality expected by the customer, the best solution is found in a safe way. The Sumig team does not undersize the equipment, which means that the company delivers what really meets the expected need.

Sumig is specialized in welding and cutting solutions, being the largest manufacturer of MIG, TIG and Plasma Cutting torches in Latin America. The company offers the best CNC plasma cutting products to its customers and has many options starting at the machine that meets the most basic needs until the state-of-the-art equipment.


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by Laerte Lumi | Sales Engineering 

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