Torch SU 477


For Thru Arm Robots

The SU 477 robotic MIG gun features great mounting versatility for robots with cable system through the arm or for robots with external cable system, making the equipment maintenance much faster and economical. The SU 477 shows more durability and strength than its similar ones. The torch body has internal shock sensor, avoiding external connections. It comes with an adaptive flange for all robot models, and allows use with all models of SUMIG torch heads.

- Unique model for all robots on the market;
- More compact and resistant;
- Simplified maintenance includes the installation kit and tools;
- Ultra-resistant cables

Sumig is the welding guns market share leader in Brazil, being the only national manufacturer of robotic guns.

Coated with Stainless Steel;
Several Nozzles Options
Threaded Nozzles for Better Fixing
Integrated Cooling System (Without External Hoses)
Separated Water Inlet and Outlet Flow

100 Models of Torch Heads Available
The CRE torch head system is developed to meet special projects, (difficult access places) through technical feasibility analysis. They can cover applications of different processes, such as wire gauges, lengths and angles (straight, 22º, 40º, 45º, 60º and 65º). This CRE system can use integrated or interchangeable gas diffusers.

+ Designed and Produced with High Technical Rigor
+ High Quality Raw Material
+ Development of Special and Customized Welding Guns
+ High Durability and Optimized Performance

SU 477 with Wire Break System
Used for programming and checking welding points through the wire.


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