Fumes Extraction

IPERJET DF is the most intelligent and efficient solution for applications of aspiration and filtering of welding fumes and thermal cutting, for internal places. The main differential is the manufacturing concept associated to the filter systen in cylindrical shape (cartridges), which optimize the filtering area and facilitate maintenance and changes. Through an electronic system of cleaning programming of filters which occurs by compressed airstream, provide guarantee of durability of use the filters. The versatile construction of Iperjet allows that, according to demand of aspiration, this be compound with 9 filters that will change its dimensions and capacities of aspiration and filtering.

The disposition of filters in cylindrical shaoe (cartridges) creates a kind internal labyrinth, where a pre-chamber forces the catch of sparks of larger size and weight to be deposited in the first Collect Box. The air to aspirated by high permance fan situated in the superior part of the equipment forces the passing by interior of filters, forming the second pressure chamber which catches the sparks with smaller dimension.

The material used in the filters can be anti-static polyester or cellulose with microfiber. Anti-static polyester allows application in welding process and cutting of pieces with oil, pre-galvanized, galvanized, and others, retaining oiliness of fumes to be segregated in the Collection Bins, which is in the middle of the inferior part in the equipment. This process guarantees more efficiency in filtering, allowing the filtered air when possible and return necessary to the workplace with lower level of noise.

Robotics Welding Cells;
• CNC Plasma Cutters;
• Small smoke extraction network, with evalution of aspiration points according to the application;

It can be adapted to the equipment:
• Special Galvanized inlet connection;
• Stand for extraction;
• Pipeline according to the projects.

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