Welding Machines

Sigma 500 Multi-process Welding Machine

Code: 1920.4001 (220/380/440V)

- Light, medium and heavy duties
- Wires from 0,80mm to 1,60mm
- Voltage: 220/380/440V three-phase(automatic)
- Duty cycle:
450A - 60%
420A - 100%

Technical Data:

- Automatic identification of the power supply: three-phase voltage(220/380/440V), avoiding damage to the equipment;
- Duty Cycle: 450A - 60% / 420A - 100%;
- IGC (Intellligent Gas Release Control) - Automatic adjustment of the gas release according to the welding conditions, which means a great economy;
- MIG-MAG Duo Plus function - Better control of the weld puddle, welding in any position, welding pipelines. In some applications you can change the TIG process;
- The water cooling is already incorporated into the source welding;
- Intelligent control welding resources incorporated into the wire feeder, easy to use;
- Possibility to update software and include new softwares (up to 160 programs);
- Welding high quality materials such as: alloys monel, inconel, duplex, stainless steel grade 316 L, 316 LSI, duplex steel, duplex super and CuSn alloys;
- Power Arc resource: allows welding with quality also in thick plates;
- Block Parameters - using a memory card (SD card), it is possible to partially or totally block the adjustment of the equipment;
- Migamonitor - tracking software, developed to collect information and documents of the welded joints, allowing the tracking through the graphical reports (optional);
- Follow the standards 60.974/1 - 50.199.  

The machine is equipped with the following programs:

MIG-MAG Process

- Conventional MIG-MAG - The operator can choose the welding parameters (Voltage - Amperage);
- Synergic MIG-MAG - Set the current (A) and the equipment adjusts automatically the voltage (V);
- Pulsed MIG-MAG / Synergic - Welding aluminum and stainless steel, with better finishing and control of the Heat-Affected Zone(HAZ);
- Double Pulse MIG-MAG - Welding aluminum and its alloys
- MIG-MAG Duo Plus - Control the weld puddle with thermal pulse;
- Spot Welding MIG-MAG - Spot welding is free of splashes for greater flexibility in mounting components.

TIG-DC Process

- Arc Opening by contact, for the union of all weldable materials with the direct current.

MMA Process

- Welding with coated electrode.

Gouging Process

- Gouging and cutting ferrous and non-ferrous materials.


- Inverter
- Multi Voltage ( 220 - 330 - 440)
- IGC - Intelligent Gas Control
- Monitoring
- Data Parameters
- No waste
- Gouging
- Light, Medium and Heavy Duties

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Caracteristicas Tecnicas

4 Traction Rollers
Burn Back Control
Casters for Displacement
Coated Electrode Gauge (MMA) 1,6 a 6,0 mm
Crater Control
Crater Current
Degree of Protection (IP) IP 23
Duty Cycle (Amperage -%) 450A - 60% / 420A - 100%
Earth Cable 90 mm2
Electronic Inductance
Execute Welding MIG/MAG Process Manual Adjustment
Extension Source Feeder Included
Feeder Dimensions (L x W x D) 400 x 620 x 620 mm
Feeder Weight 12 Kg
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Good CO2 Inductance
Hot Start
Input and Output Ramps
Intelligent Gas Control (IGC)
Inversor (Energy Saving)
Kind of Service Leve, Médio e Pesado
Length of Extension Power Supply Included 5 m
Memories of Parameters
MIG / MAG Welding Basic Synergic - Wire and Voltage
MIG/MAG Advanced Synergic (Wire and Voltage, considering the Protective Gas)
MIG/MAG Double Pulsed
MIG/MAG Pulsed
MIG/MAG Root Pass
Multi-Voltage Automatic
PARTIAL Parameter Locking
Phases Trifásica
Possibility of attaching Torch Cooler Incorporado
Power Factor 0,933
Power Supply Voltage 380V / 220 - 380 - 440V
Pre and Post Gas
Quantity of Memories 9 por Curva
Raise Ramp Resource
Recommended for Gouging Process
Recommended Wire (Carbon Steel) 0,8 a 2,4 mm
Regulating Current in MIG / MAG (Amperes) 35 - 500A
Resource Torch MIG/MAG 2T and 4T
Rollers Included 1,2 mm
Source Dimensions (W x H x D) 1200 x 545 x 620 mm
Source Weight 71 Kg
Spot Welding Resource (Timer)
Stick Out Control (Wire Tip)
Support - Cylinders Support Base
Thermostat Protection
TIG Welding DC Current Without High Frequency (HF)
TOTAL Parameter Locking
Type of Extended Cooling Included Água
Voltmeter and Digital Ammeter in the Feeder
Welding in Aluminum MIG Conventional (Pulsed)
Welding in Aluminum MIG Pulsed e Double Pulsed
Welding MMA (Coated Electrode)
Wire Coils (Weight) 5 a 20 Kg
Wire drive button without the use of gas
Zero Waste (Electrodes)

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