Revocell PD-1000V Robotic Welding Cell


Welding cell easy to install with excellent cost benefit.

Revocell PD-1000V was developed to provide the shortest installation time and the lowest initial investment in robotic welding. The Ready To Weld Revocell Robotic welding system offers the best cost-benefit on the market. Designed for welding medium-sized parts, it provides increased productivity with ease and speed, as the components are of high quality in every cell; as well as easy integration with any robot brand and source.


- Quick installation with single base and optimized work area;
- Ideal for medium productivity with variable batches with monitored maintenance door;
- Easeto move;
- Easy integration with any robot brand and welding power source.


- Dimensions: 1066 x 552
- 2 stations with manual rotation;
- Front loading and unloading;
- Suitable for small and medium size pieces;

Watch the video of this product:

Caracteristicas Tecnicas

Air Requirements/Flow Rate 0,28 l/s
Cell Dimensions 2000 x 3000 x 2120mm
Dimensions 6m²
Input Voltage/Current 200V a 240V
Maximum cell power requiriments 50A
Maximum cell power requiriments 16A
Maximum table load capacity 200 Kg
Power requirement 26 kVA
Pressure 6 BAR
Tabletop dimensions 530 x 1050mm
Weight 1230 kg

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