Robotic Welding

Welding Robot AII-B4L


The AII-B4L arc welding robot is the long-range version with the same functionality as the AII-B4. The AII-B4L allows the welding torch cable to pass through the handle, improving access to spaces.

This welding robot by arc AII-B4L is the verson with long range and with the same functionalities of AII-B4 model. AII-B4L allows the torch cable passing through the handle increasing the access to spaces.

Main characteristics
• Long range; 
Welding cable through the handle
Fast and easy maintenance
Reduction of interference with devices
Better wire feeding
Torch can rotate 400°; 
Collision control by servomotors
Easy communication with CAN net
Faster and light movements
Integrated control of vibration
Opened architecture
Visual and friendly operation
Advanced functions of CLP;  
Multiple windowns functions
Dedicated functions for welding by arc
Display touch screen - optional
Oscilloscope function - optional. 

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