Welding Torches

SR 24W Water Cooled TIG Torch

Code: 0601.1023

Gas/Duty Cycle:
Argon - 230A/60%

Electrode: 1,59 - 2,38 mm

Technical Data:
Two models of torch body
Handle in nylon with fiber
Tinned conductor

Light duties

Gas/Duty Cycle:
Argon - 230A/60 - 210A/100

Seeming Weight(Kg): 0,305
Net Weight(Kg): 1,400 (with torch cable of 3,40m)

Caracteristicas Tecnicas

AC Amperage (AC Current) 140A
Allowed Electrodes (mm) 1,59 a 2,38
DC Amperage (DC Current) 125A
Kind of Work Leve
Manual Welding
Trigger Drive Option
Water Cooled
Welding in Places of Difficult Access
Welds Carbon Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Brass

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