Are investments in robotics too expensive for small and medium-sized companies?

More than a differential, bet on robotic welding is a matter of survival


When it comes to robotics, many companies - especially medium and small sized ones - believe that this investment is not appropriate for their financial situation. In the past, this bet was not appropriate for smaller sized businesses, since the cost of a robotic cell started from values around US$ 500,000.

Fortunately, the scenario has changed in the last years. Nowadays, depending on the case, it is possible to begin the process of robotizing a company with investments around 20% of the value that was required in the past.


Robotics is a matter of survival

The main advantage noticed by companies that choose robotics is the standardization of their welding process, since the robotic cell will always have the same result, both in terms of the time to manufacture a component and in the welding quality. Thus, the process is guaranteed and does not depend on the variability of the human hand.

With the market becoming more and more competitive, it is difficult for a company that does not invest in robotics to be able to maintain itself for a long time, since the whole market is migrating for the manufacturing optimization. More than a differential, betting on robotic welding is a matter of survival.


Manual welder: an endangered profession.

Another important point to consider is that few people nowadays aim to be a manual welder. It is a market common knowledge that the profession has been entering practically into extinction.

The reason that explains this fact is that people are looking for a better quality of life, investing more in study and trainings. This change is happening throughout the world.

From this reality, is expected that in a short period every process that has serial production will invariably have to be performed through robotics, either to reach a higher level of production or because the lack of labor. 

Only the welds that vary widely, require a very great skill and also the welding of small batches of parts will be a man's responsibility. It is expected that in a few years the number of welding robots will exceed the number of manual welders that currently exist.


Sumig offers solutions for small and medium sized companies

Companies looking at start the robotic process should remember that the issue is not restricted to products such as cells and robots. This area also covers services involving the implementation.

Sumig, a company specialized in welding and cutting solutions since 1980, provides all the necessary steps to start the robotic process, since it offers product lines and services that meet from micro-enterprises to large companies. The process begins by choosing the product, followed by installation, training and after-sales.

The service mix offered by the company also counts on assessment in robotic welding, equipment programming and parameterization, preventive and corrective maintenance.

Performing all phases very carefully and in a personalized way is essential for the successful implementation of robotic welding. The goal of all brand operations is always to offer the customer the best cost-benefit of the market.


by Fábio Tiburi | Robotics Director 

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