Industry 4.0: how this concept can be applied in the robotic welding area

Increased productivity and monitored efficiency are the main advantages of these innovations

Also known by the Fourth Industrial Revolution the Industry 4.0 emerged in mid-2010 and has changed many processes of the manufacturing companies. The focus of this concept is the communication of machines with other machines, increasing the productivity and efficiency of operations.

The innovation presented by Industry 4.0 has already overcome the barriers of the technology sector: some companies working in the most traditional industrial segments are already putting these advantages into practice. This is what Sumig is doing; a company specialized in welding and cutting solutions.

In the last years, Sumig has focused on the concepts of Industry 4.0. Robotic cell lines (Ultimate) have been upgraded and have directed communication between other smart machines. The production data is also sent to a Sumig portal that shows all information to the managers in real time.

In addition to robotic cells, the company developed a welding torch with this technology: Intellimig. The result of adding this feature to your manufacturing processes is a faster and more efficient machine management, since constant monitoring standardizes weld quality, reduces costs and increases productivity.


Technology for competitiveness

Companies that have not yet adhered to the concepts of Industry 4.0 need to be aware. Without the productivity generated by monitored efficiency, the way for these businesses is the constant loss of competitiveness.

Traditional systems of manufacturing control are not friendly to people. For example, anyone who has seen a report from most Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software knows that it takes time to understand the information generated properly.

In modern industry, it is necessary to have speed in decision-making and product delivery. Those who have not understood this need, are unfortunately losing market share.


Personalized Service

The application of the Industry 4.0 concepts is not the only differential of Sumig's robotic cells. The totally personalized service has been another constant focus of the company.

From engineering to after-sales analysis, Sumig offers solutions according to each customer needs. The main objective is to provide excellent quality products and the best cost-benefit in the market. The Sumig team is also available for the installation of the machines, the training of the customer’s team and any other necessary technical assistance.


by Fábio Tiburi | Robotics Director

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