New manufacturing technologies manage welding processes and avoid failures


Developed to facilitate people's daily lives, the "Internet of Things" (IoT) has also been explored in the manufacturing chain. The term refers to the act of connecting any equipment to the world computer network. Besides improving people’s routine, this technological revolution can increase the productivity and profitability of the companies that bet on this strategy.

Sumig, a company specialized in welding and cutting solutions, recently launched a service that fits this innovative concept. With the Intellimig Portal, customers with smart machines, such as Sumig cells and guns, can access all information regarding welding processes through remote management.

The method used for this management is practical and easy to use. When you purchase a Sumig smart cell or gun, the customer receives a key access to the Intellimig Portal. With this login, the user can connect to the web platform through any computer or mobile device.

Data regarding the welding processes of the factory appear in the system in real time. Besides monitoring production, Intellimig Portal crosses information to generate many technical and graphical reports. It is worth highlighting that all this data is stored on a totally secure and reliable server.


Smart machines provide more profitability

By controlling welding processes, the Intellimig system can do more than just reporting failures: it enables the welder to prevent them. Since Sumig' smart machines rely on a programmable electronic device, they are able to analyze and control the previously defined parameters.

This function provides real-time monitoring of the machine's voltage and current, interacting directly with the welder. When the professional operates with parameters out of the process variability, an alert is activated. When the machine reaches some critical values, it blocks momently. This avoids wastes on operation time. 


Digital Identification

Another Intellimig differential is the user’s identification. Each welder and each machine can receive a different register, which allows the production monitoring in a more detailed way. The parameterization of processes is done by the machine’s administrator login, which is protected by a specific password.

All these innovations provided by Intellimig result in a higher welding quality, since its repeatability is determined. Constant process monitoring also generates management charts, which can be used for cost control and operations optimization.

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