Fumes Extraction

JetClean DF 2

Code: 19.300.010

- Energy save - Decanting pre-chamber - Down air flow - Drawer for sparks and heavy particles - Horizontal cartridges - Easy maintenance - Automatic cleaning system of the cartridges

The JetClean DF 2 is ideal for suction and filtering of welding fumes, fine and heavy dust. The filter unit consists in horizontal cartridges, its structure is developed in painted panels, with drawer for sparks, connection to incorporate 01 or 02 EVOLUTION NO-SMOKE and automatic cleaning system of filters.

Caracteristicas Tecnicas

Cartridge dimensions Ø 325 x H:400mm
Cartridge type Poliéster Antiestático
Filter Surface 16m²
Noise 74,5dB(A)
Number of cartridges 2 un.
Ø 150mm arm airflow 2150m³/h
Power 3,0CV - 2,2kw
Rated air flow 2280m³/h
Rotations per minute 2920
Voltage 220/380V - 60Hz
Weight 160kg

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