Lion 300 TIG Welding Machine

Code: 1922.2008

Inverter Source AC / DC current for MMA (Coated Electrodes) and TIG welding in Carbon Steel, Stainless, Aluminum and other alloys.

- Duty Cycle in 380V:
MMA - 250A - 35%/ 160A - 100%
TIG - 315A - 35% / 200A - 100%
- Light and Medium Services
- Power supply: 200V - 380V ± 15% three-phase


- Inverter welding machine, suitable for welding with processes MMA, TIG AC / DC and TIG pulse;
- Digital Ammeter;
- 2T/4T Touch Control;
- Great stability of electric arc in direct current (DC) and has advanced features for welding in alternating current (AC);
- Suitable for all types of acid or basic electrodes in the MMA welding, respecting the duty cycle of the machine;
- In the TIG process it has a pulsed arc, for welding with higher sanity and lower thermal input;
- Arc opening with high frequency (HF), excellent maintenance of the point of the tungsten electrodes in both DC and AC current;
- Ramp up and down;
- Pre and post gas flow;
- Analog operation panel for easy operation and adjustment of parameters;
- Thermal overload protection system;
- Automatic voltage recognition 220/380 V.


- TIG AC / DC and electrode (MMA)
- Zero Waste
- Inverter (energy saving)
- Release of gas by operation
- Air and Water Cooled Torches
- TIG pulsed
- Cleaning function
- Carbon steel and stainless steel
- Light and medium services

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